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For Plants and Mobile Units with fabric, cartridge, pocket, panel, and active charcoal filters.
The All Inclusive Maintenance Contract involves signing a flexible contract that can be configured to fit the Client's specific needs among the various typologies:
• Duration of contract
• Number and specifications of plants / filters to maintain
• Definition of the visit schedule
(twice a year is suggested)

At each visit, the following checks will be performed:
• external temperature
• checks of transmission belts, if present
• pause between compressed air pulses
• checks and cleaning of filter elements
• fan check
• visual inspections of external conditions of filters
• Δp settings of the sequencer/economizer, if present
• discharge of compressed air tank condensation
• check motor
• opacimeter level, if present
• pressure loss reading
• speed in the exhaust hood and flow control sections

Within 15 days of the maintenance visit, a written report will be sent with the results of the operation and, if necessary, a quotation for the replacement of damaged or worn elements.
Every two years, the following will be done:
• analysis of the flue chimney

At a frequency to be agreed, according to the "history", the Manufacturer's user and maintenance manual, or possible specifications from Regulatory Bodies, the following will be done:
• filter replacement.


BRUNO BALDUCCI SRL promises, after the contract has been signed, to keep at its warehouse as set of replacement filters especially for the Client, so that it can act promptly in case of necessity.
When the All Inclusive contract is signed, an TECHAlarm will be installed on each filter, supplied with a gratuitous loan for use with a minimum three-year contract, which allows us to run remote diagnostics on the filter.
Contact us with the form and describe your requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible to send you a form to fill out with the data of the filter(s) described in your request.