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Component performance has an extremely important role in the global performance of the suction and dust collection system, and therefore the decision to invest resources into planned and extraordinary maintenance is also very important.

Planned periodic maintenance must include a test or check of all system components to assess their level of efficiency and repair damaged parts or replace obsolete parts.
Sometimes people underestimate the importance of "maintenance", not only because they do not consider the inevitable ageing and/or wear of system components, but also because they fail to consider possible changes in environmental legislation that could require changes to emission limits to consider the system compliant with current laws.

Needless to say, maintenance - which at first glance could be considered a pure cost - must instead be seen as an investment if we keep track of actual ordinary maintenance and more importantly, of the costs caused by system downtime to perform maintenance operations and costs for possible deficiencies in efficiency of the system that affects production.
We must also remember that current laws require a System Maintenance Register to be kept, where all maintenance operations are recorded.

In light of all this, Bruno Balducci srl offers its extensive experience to help companies with proposals for planned maintenance programmes to meet specific customised needs.