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Fumes, dust, and gas from process machinery, cutting tools, extrusion processes, welding, oxy-fuel welding and cutting, plasma and laser cutting, grinding, sanding, oil mist, all kinds of dust, fumes from volatile organic substances, and toxic fumes are only a few of the many problems that a modern company must solve.

The core business of Bruno Balducci srl is the industrial dust collection.
In addition to traditional fabric filter dust collectors, Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds and installs self-cleaning filters with regenerable filter cartridges in polyester, polypropylene, Nomex®, Ryton®, or Teflon®, filtering media depending on the chemical and physical characteristics of the dust being treated. Cartridge dust collectors have been a consolidated technological reality since 1984, the result of years of experience, thanks to close technical collaboration with small, medium and large companies. When designing dust collection or filtration systems, generally speaking, the most important element is the specific load, which is the air to cloth ratio which, lastly, has become part of national law with guidelines modelled on "best available technologies = the best technology obtainable” in the choice of the best solutions.

Active charcoal adsorption systems for volatile organic substances (VOS), coalescence filters for oil mist, and wet filters for flammable dust are other chapters of a long story that has been unfolding for over 70 years.
We pay particular attention to the design of systems for potentially explosive atmospheres in compliance with ATEX regulations.

Along with designing plants and systems, we also produce standard units to solve several definable problems, which we have presented in the Photo Gallery.