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Identifying all sectors where Bruno Balducci srl has been working for over 70 years is not simple because the manufacturing industry is so vast that several production processes produce pollutants.
To simplify, we can say that Bruno Balducci srl designs, builds and installs machines and systems for treating polluted air.
On the page “Reference Categories” there is an incomplete list of activities that we habitually are involved in to intervene and solve decontamination problems on process machinery and/or safeguard the workplace environment. Now, we can also say that there is not a single sector that does not require some type of intervention, if not in the production process, then it is a site of dust or gas emissions.
The title “The Company” offers an overview of our company and its range of business, which the section “How We Work” helps to explain in depth to introduce ourselves to readers and ask them to ponder whether it is better to click on the heading “Contacts” to talk with us about concrete action towards solving a problem.
Someone defined our company as “a small, well-lit point”, and we are very proud of this. We hope that many others can share this affirmation with us.