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Bruno Balducci srl – suction systems – was founded on 15 April, 1944. For the past 70 years, it has designed, built and installed suction, filtration, dust collection and environmental reclamation systems.
Fumes, dust, and gas from process machinery, cutting tools, extrusion processes, welding, oxy-fuel welding and cutting, plasma and laser cutting, grinding, sanding, oil mist, all kinds of dust, fumes from volatile organic substances, toxic fumes, and paper and cardboard edge strips are only a few of the many problems that a modern company must solve.
The national implementation of EU Directives – Leg.D. n. 81/08 – regarding the "improvement of health and safety of employees in the workplace" against risks deriving from exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents and Leg.D. N. 152/06 on the protection of air quality in general, obligates companies to make precise choices with certain references and consolidated experience.
Bruno Balducci srl is a leading company in this market segment, thanks to our know-how and experience gained in 70 years

of uninterrupted work and our high
level of specialisation in supplying turnkey solutions.

Our work involves building a vast range of machines and plants for suction and filtration of dust and oily mists, and pneumatic transport and gas abatement. We pay particular attention to dust filtration in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX Directive), and
Bruno Balducci srl works mainly with large and medium-sized companies and groups based in Italy and abroad. In fact, the management of large projects is where our company valorises its production characteristics best. Bruno Balducci srl stands out among competitors for its care in completing complex operations and its ability to accompany the client even when new production or technological needs arise that require expansions or changes to previously built plants, even if the machinery in question was manufactured by another supplier.
At the same time, a flexible, dynamic structure allows Bruno Balducci srl to be competitive and efficient even in small operations.

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